The world’s most advanced blockchain based donation platform for social impact

Pinkcoin’s new platform is revolutionizing the process of being charitable. Not only does our unique software allow you to earn proof of stake rewards simply by running a wallet, but it also allows you to automatically donate any portion of these proof of stake rewards to any charity at zero cost to you.

Several celebrities and charities are already onboard and more are being pursued. Join our movement and help spread the word about the future of being charitable. Finally, you can make a difference. $PINK is available for purchase on Bittrex and Cryptopia.

Total Supply

Out of 500,000,000 coins

Circulating Supply 73.78%
Unmined Coins 22.81%
Uncirculating Supply 3.4%
Donate4Life Supply 3.57%

*Pink is a fairly launched coin with no premine or ICO.

  • Circulating Supply
  • Unmined Coins
  • Donate4Life
  • Uncirculating Supply

A New Initiative

Pinkcoin is a unique digital currency inspired by the pursuit of philanthropy and pareto-optimal game theory. Pinkcoin offers a secure and trustless network to disrupt the non-transparent charity model. On our network, help yourself by helping others; earn money while holding Pinkcoin and simultaneously be a champion of charity.

Our newly upgraded Pinkcoin blockchain is a hybrid model incentivizing users to secure the network by either mining via traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) or by participating in an innovative and gamified Proof-of-Stake (PoS) design. Flash-stake (FPoS) and side-stake blockchain technologies encourage PINK holders to earn stake rewards while concurrently sharing their wealth. Users are further motivated to stake and share due to Donate 4 Life (D4L), a system designed to reward participants for helping others.


Want to start your own D4L campaign? No sweat!
Paired with Pinkcoin’s incredible ease-of-use network, anyone anywhere can begin their own crowdfund or altruistic endeavor. Discover for yourself the forward thinking technology spearheaded only by Pinkcoin.

Blockchain Established Altruism

Pinkcoin’s exclusive D4L blockchain pool system is powered by our revolutionary side-staking capabilities. See donations in real time on the blockchain instantly go to a charitable partner, educational campaign, or technology development. Watch as your tips and those of others stake continuously, providing revenue to any fund of choice. As a bonus, individuals of the entire staking community are eligible to receive additional automated payouts as a secondary reward layer.

Donate4Life is comprised of nine pool systems, each with its own unique and optimized function. There are two subsets within D4L, those being the “Directive,” and the “Rain Forest.” The Directive system is comprised of six divisions that directly impact Pinkcoin’s development as well as its charitable outreach. These include Charity, Education, Disaster Relief, Development, Marketing and Random pools. The Rain Forest system is comprised of three divisions that directly impact the users of Pinkcoin, the community. These include the Rain Cloud, Elder Tree and Acorns.

Directive Pool

  • Humanitarian
  • Charity
  • Administrative
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Education
  • Relief

Rain Forest Pool

  • Rain Cloud
  • Elder Tree
  • Acorns

Purpose Driven Technology


Side-staking is a simplistic way to empower users with coin control to pursue their own altruistic endeavours at their own parameters. Side-staking allows a custom stake coinbase transaction, enabling a user to share their stake block reward between oneself and other users, all while remaining FREE of transaction fees. This setting is easily accessed by the QT wallet, and allows assigning a percentage to another address.


The flash-stake period prioritizes lower sized wallets, increasing the likelihood that less wealthy wallets will stake. Flash rewards are also worth PoW block reward + PoS block reward, encouraging more peers to be online in these periods.

FPoS offers a modified stake reward for 4 hours a day. In these 4 1-hour periods, blocks are staked every minute. The concept will improve mempool (unconfirmed transaction) draining every 6 hours, helping clear any backlogged transactions when and if this occurs in the future. Additionally, it may shape a cheaper fee model; for transactions that do not require instant confirmation (e.g. <1 day confirmation), these will likely confirm in the next flash-stake period.

The Future is PINK

Our upcoming full feature release will include a mobile staking wallet complete with D4L and an interoperable worldvision inspired crowdfunding interface, an unprecedented milestone for blockchain technology and humanity. Never again will financial help be out of reach.

Pinkcoin is pursuing a 501.c.3 status. We are exploring the benefits of a global tax subsidy program, as well as integrating a method for delivering receipts for individual tax deductions. Our developers are currently optimizing the codebase; Additionally, they are researching advanced gamification techniques for our PoS economy rules to better incentivize philanthropy and support decentralized voting.

Join the fabled Pink-Army and experience our warm and compassionate community; learn for yourself what it means to make a macro impact with a micro tip today!


PINK celebrity partnerships for fundraising initiatives coming soon!



Driven to succeed, Pinkcoin’s aggressive outreach programs have established firm partnerships with charitable and educational facilities around the world. Throughout Pinkcoin’s extensive history millions of $PINK have been tipped by our extraordinary community to the likes of great organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Black Girls Code. Ongoing efforts include our sponsorship of the Cardiac Kids charity in Toronto, Canada, aiding children with congenital heart defects, as well as our partnering with Zwischenraum in Switzerland teaching children the benefits of blockchain technology. Whether it’s supplying Houston SPCA disaster relief teams with aid or helping a fellow Pink-Army member in need, Pinkcoin provides a better future for us all. We will continue to establish exciting partnerships with renowned organizations, as we also prepare to launch a peer-to-peer mobile application and aid our global outreach.

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